10 ways of Digital Marketing

10 ways of Digital Marketing

Nowadays customer like the ease of accessing online when they look for any product or service. So making an online entity is essential for all type of business today.  In order to market the business online, the Digital Design Agency needs to involve promoting about its services through different media online, including:


  1. By creating portfolio website
  2. Creating Social media Accounts
  3. Online advertisement in Social Media,
  4. Sending newsletters,
  5. Blogs,
  6. Direct online communication through skype, viber etc
  7. Using Google Adwords
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Video, Email, and mobile marketing
  10. Games

Creating own website:

The business first needs to create their own business and showcase all the past works and projects. This portfolio will help the business to introduce their services and work history. In the website they will be advertising all about their services like logo making, graphics designing, brochure, calendar making, and website designing, web developing, digital marketing and etc. There are many competitors in the local area so the website needs to stand out and give all necessary information about the services and agency.


Building and maintaining networks through Social media:

Social media websites allow people to establish communication between them online and  this is probably the best platform in internet to promote the product and service to target audience. The digital design agency can create pages and accounts in facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin etc and inform them about their new development, price promotion as well as special offers.

Social media is a great way to approach potential customers. From the marketing point of view it is very important to maintain the existing customers as well as target new customers. Having social media account is very effective to maintain the existing customers, followers as well as develop new customers by posting updates, news, and promotion of the business.



Online advertisement in social media:

Paid social media ads can be used for new customers and business development. The ads pop up in the sidebar of social media websites while users are browsing and surfing the page. This is one of the best approach because social network gathers such a large number of user information. The advertising is able to target the audience in a wider variety of ways by stretching beyond general demographic and geographic data. It can promote the ads based on individual’s interest, behavioural and lookalike target customers. These advanced targeting options increase the relevance of the digital design agency’s ad to the potential users.


Sending email newsletters:

The digital design agency can send email newsletters with offers, promotion and specials. It can create a sign up form in their website, post in social media to join the subscription and go to different company’s website to collect email addresses and send the email newsletter.


Writing blogs:

The agency can write blogs about different tutorials of web design, graphics design and other related topic and thus it will be able to earn more trust from the users and showcase the ability and talent the agency has.


Using google AdWords:

People nowadays are mostly dependent on google to look out for almost anything or any service. They search in google- the online search tool and it shows relevant search results. In order to come top in the search results the agency can use google AdWord. Google AdWord is Google’s advertising system where companies or businesses advertises bid on specific keywords so when any user look for those particular key word in google search the advertiser’s ads will appear in their page. The digital design agency can pay for google AdWord in order to get themselves at top of the search list and get more customers.






The agency can do Search Engine Optimization which in short SEO. The agency can add Meta keyword in the HTML coding of their website which enables search engines to detect those keywords and show in the search results. SEO is ongoing process and the company needs other legitimate websites to post links about them which the search engines take as vote of trust. Thus the information of the business comes to first in the search list. In this way the business can get more traffic to their websites which leads to successful sale.


Posting video and Online Game:

The digital design agency can create different video about the company or make tutorial videos and publish them in different video blogging or social websites like youtube, vimeo, facebook etc. This is an inexpensive effective way to let the audience know about the products and services. High quality video attracts more customers and earns the reliability of customers.

Games can also be offered free as a platform for advertising.  The digital design agency may offer free game that has advertising on the corner of the screen. More people are willing to play online games and thus get hooked up with advertisements. This can also be a great platform of advertising.


So in these methods the digital design agency can market their business online in very effective way. These tasks of digital marketing will have a significant impact to the target audience in order to promote the business and services successfully.

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