How to get more revenue by minimizing traditional advertising cost

How to get more revenue by minimizing traditional advertising cost


Digital marketing can be used to improve sales by its variety of tools available on internet such as links, landing pages, information gathering techniques, communication media, online ads, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and getting marketing mix right.

Let’s discuss how these online marketing tools help to improve sales,

Website & links: Website can be used to promote, advertise and sell products or services. Internal and external links that direct to that website can be really useful generating sales leads. Google the largest search engine uses the link building as their most heavily weighted metrics to measure a website’s credibility. If very few links or no link in all over the internet going to the website, then the search engines assume the content of the website is not credible and cannot be trusted, therefore the website do not show up in the search results. (Natasha hawkins, 2017).

So in order to have higher ranking in search results having links in different blogs, Social Medias and other web pages are essential. Having a website in top list of the search results can improve sales drastically. So the aim should be to get links from sites, directories related to the site’s content. Swapping links with other websites or blogs can also contribute to the promotion. More people know about the product and service there is more tendency to have better sales.

Landing pages: Landing pages are another great tools to generate sales leads as they are customized for more specific customer type. Landing pages can be two type. 1. Reference based 2. Transactional based

Reference based landing pages provide customers general information about specified contents and transactional landing pages usually collect all data and information of the potential customers such as their email address, phone number, residential address etc for future sales. Using these customized landing pages can be very effective strategy for generating sales leads.

Information gathering techniques: To promote about the product and services a business needs potential customers. To let these people know about the business and what it has to offer we need to find ways to contact and reach them. To gather information of these customers can be challenging therefore some powerful tactics and strategy need to be taken on account. In many ways the information of the customers can be collected. Among them subscribe option, registration online, and information collected from social media accounts are most effective.  People like free stuffs. So the business can offer free gifts, souvenirs or some benefits to the visitors who subscribe and register online by giving their phone number, email address and other information. The business can also offer discount, free pdf, and free delivery & return options in order to earn people’s confidence on the products. After getting all the information and their contact details the company can send promotional emails or suggest products to them.

Online Ads: Online ads are great lead generation technique for internet marketing strategy. By Google analytics a business owner can set monthly budget, monitor the ad performance, and bring quality traffic to website. To get sustained benefit from these internet ads these continuous monitoring and adjustments of advertising campaigns need to be performed. Checking the content of the ad regularly and checking competitor’s ads are important tasks. Changing the content regularly and take action quickly will have an advantage over the competition. Goof internet ads will be viewed by target customers in great number and should be able to give maximum views per dollar spent and maximum click back to the website or social media pages from the ad.

Other Communication media: Other communication media such as app, mobile marketing email marketing can also be used to increase sales. Apps are short form of application. If a business can offer their personalised apps to be installed in users mobile in Android, Windows or IOS platform then the customers will find ease to buy products and stay updated. Mobile marketing and email marketing are also very effective. Customized texts and emails can be sent to the target market after applying information gathering techniques. These methods will not only advertise and promote the products and service but also give reminder to the customers about the business.

Social Media Strategy:  Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools over the years. These social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others can be a time consuming lead generation techniques and at the same time a business can be connected on a deeper level to potential customers by regular updates, feedback and communication.

Getting the marketing mix right: If the clients and customers can see contents about the product or service in different places repeatedly then the best marketing result will occur. In order to do this advertising in a mixture of different places and media will allow the business to be seen by same demographic group who are the reflection of potential customers and actual buyers. So spending time and money to utilize all possible resources and continually reviewing and tweaking internet marketing can generate best result for lead generation and better sales strategy. Good marketing mix should always be changing by the demand of time.

So these are some ways of effective online marketing strategies that can improve sales of a business. These strategies are continuous process. More effort and time can put in these strategies more sales and potential customer base will increase.


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