Social Media in Digital Marketing

Social Media in Digital Marketing

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Social Media has become the most powerful and popular media to advertise products. Social media is a great way to stay engaged with customers and clients and to gain more new customers. Nowadays lot of business is using social media account for their secondary official site. They post and advertise about their goods and services.The customers and new customers get encouraged by staying connected with them. A social media presence creates a great impact on brand awareness.

In today’s world customers have lot of buying options and brand loyalty is less as they can easily switch to some other brand. This is why a business must try to keep updated to its audiences with product information service. For example a mobile company has a social media page and they always provide useful information about the product care and news and updates about upcoming new handsets and their features. So the followers who are connected with that page are more likely to think about the brand when they are going to buy their next handset as the company has done a brilliant job to remain in the forefront of their mind.

Paid advertising in social media is a great option and great value of money as it targets the right audience. Social media has all the information about the user such as age, location, interest and everything. So judging their demographics, likes and interested social media adverts can be published to right target group who are very likely to be interested in that ad. For example a person may see an adverts in his/her social media page while browsing which is related to what they have posted before or shown interest in.  There is a daily budget of paid social media advertising. The more budget or money is allocated for the advert the more people it will reach.

It is also a great idea to upload tutorial video or pictures in social media pages like youtube, Instagram, etc. People may try to find a solution of a problem and they may end up seeing offered solution by any individual business person or company. So next time if the customers need more assistance they might remember about the video or post and take service from them.

So the benefit of advertising is social media is endless. But the advertisers need to be very careful about spamming and aggressive marketing. This may end up to a permanent ban of that account. It is important to develop a plan for advertising via social media based on time, money and content.

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